Energy Optimisation

Energy Optimisation

RSP have signed the ‘UK Building Services Engineers Declare Climate and Biodiversity Emergency’ declaration.   We recognise the major part that buildings and the construction industry play in the climate and biodiversity crisis and we want to help mitigate this.  We understand the speed and shift in behaviour needed to address this and are working collaboratively with other industry professionals and our clients to drive change.

We carry out whole life carbon modelling and post occupancy evaluation for as many of our projects as we can. Whole life carbon modelling accounts for carbon associated with the construction or refurbishment materials used and the saving in operational energy use which results from the construction or refurbishment works.  It is our goal to increase the carbon accounting undertaken on our projects and ensure this is a key criteria in the decision making process.

In addition to industry guidance and Net Zero resources, we utilise the following tools in this energy optimisation and carbon modelling process:

  • Dynamic Simulation Modelling
  • Design for Performance
  • Digital Twin’s
  • Building Lifecycle Assessment (Embodied Carbon Analysis)
  • Visual Programming
  • Building Physics analysis of building masing and layouts
  • Passive House Design Criteria and Calculations